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"Diversion Books Set of Two"

Personal Security Products "Diversion Books Set of Two". Hide your handgun in plain sight and within arms reach with the Personal Security Products Diversion Books. Sold as a nested set, one book of each size. The small book accommodates small to medium firearms. The large book easily fits most full-sized handguns. Brand new in packaging.

Small Book Dimensions: 6.25 x 8.25 x 2.00 inches
Large Book Dimensions: 8.00 x 10.50 x 2.75 inches
Color: Black
Weight: 2 lb 14 oz

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Personal Security Products Diversion Books

knife books

The Encyclopedia of Marble's Knives & Sporting Collectibles
By Arni Dunathan

This superb book on Marble and M.S.A. Co. knives, axes, and related items is presented in beautiful full color, and includes a wealth of information on the famous Michigan company and its products as well as a price guide.
In stock & ready for shipment to your doorstep!!

reviewed by Knife World Staff

The products of Gladstone, Michigan’s famed Marble Safety Axe Co. and Marble Arms & Manufacturing Co., better known by the “Marble’s” trademark, have always enjoyed a special place in the realm of sporting collectibles, not to mention the hearts of sportsmen. Marble’s fixed blade knives were actively sought out long before other hunting knives were deemed “worthy” of collecting, the safety axes treasured by those who wouldn’t cross the aisle to look at any other kind, and the folding knives... well, that goes without saying. Today’s Marbles collectors are as knowledgeable and devoted – and serious – as those who pursue the very best in Case knives, Remington Bullet knives, or antique bowie knives.

Collecting Marble’s items has always been somewhat of a challenge, however. Unlike the fields mentioned above, most of the information published on the subject is difficult to locate – particularly the books by Schreier and Schmeling, and past articles in Knife World. Other information useful to collectors had never before been published, the terminology often had to be learned from other collectors, and many rarities had never even been illustrated before. But with the recent publication of The Encyclopedia of Marble’s Knives & Sporting Collectibles, author Arni Dunathan has finally delivered to collectors the guide that has long been needed.

Loaded with full color photos on almost every page, the book begins with an overview of “The Marble Story” before diving right into the heart of the material. Each of the chapters that follow focus on a particular area of Marble’s collectibles: Marble Axes; Webster Marble’s Ideal Hunting Knife; Webster Marble’s Other Belt Knives; Marble Arms’ Belt Knives; Folding Knives and Tools; Fish Knives, Gaffs and Creels; Sheaths; Compasses, Match Boxes, Gift Sets and Game Calls; Firearms and Accessories; and Advertising. Concluding the book is a chapter on Marble’s in the New Century, and appendices on Marks and Grading.

Practically every known pattern of Marble knife and axe is illustrated in color photographs of actual examples – not catalog illustrations – along with a description of major variations and collector values in two grades of condition. Not only can you expect to find a gaggle of Ideals, Woodcraft knives, and Safety Hunters, you can also gaze upon Coquina Sets, a Camp Carver, one of Webster’s original 18 prototype safety axes, and the elusive Marble-Lowell Folding Lawn Rake (yes, really!) Unsure how to tell a rare Marble’s Canoe Knife or ultra-rare M.S.A. Co. Yacht Knife from the much more common Ideals? The answers are here, complete with photos and measurements.

It’s hard to be critical of a book that has been so badly needed for so long. Perhaps the photos are not as sharp as the studio work of professional knife photographers, but they are sufficiently clear and certainly attractive, often accented with interesting props. Details on less important variations are sometimes left to be tracked down in the more obscure sources, but you can be sure that all the important ones are covered. The writing is clear and to the point throughout, perfect for a book of this type.

Marble’s collectors of all levels are flat-out going to love this Encyclopedia. If you too share an interest in the old Michigan manufacturer of goods “For Every Hour in the Open,” I have no doubt that this well done guide will soon find itself occupying a treasured place on your bookshelf.

Hardcover w/ Dust Jacket
172 Pages

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knife books
knife books
"Blade's Guide to Knives and Their Value"
7th Edition

Long regarded as the "bible" for knife collectors, this expanded edition
provides everything one needs to know to successfully collect and identify knives.
Organization is clear and logical to both novice and advanced collector. The
contributing experts have refined information-on brands, models and overall
cutlery history-while providing fully updated prices. 544 pages in this huge
8-1/2 x 11 book jammed with photo's and information you need and want to know.
Copyright 2001 (This is the Latest Edition).

Special Sale Price $29.95
knife books
knife books

First Edition - 256 Pages

Explore one of the fastest-growing aspects of blade collecting - commemorative knives. This listing and price guide covers the most popular limited edition knives designed specifically to commemorate a special or historic event. You will learn who made each knife, what it commemorates, when it was issued and how many were made. You will also find the original price for each piece and its current value.
8-1/2 x 11 Complete with photos and illustrations. Soft cover.
Copyright 1995 (This is the Latest Edition) 256 pages.

Special Sale Price $16.95

knife books
metal glo
Metal Glo "Professional Metal Polishing Paste"
1.75 oz / 50 g
Order #glow

Metal Glo:
Great for polishing and protecting knives, swords, guns, cookware, jewelry, silverware etc..
Metal Glo is a premium quality polishing paste which removes oxidation, tarnish, rust, water spots, tars and oils, and leaves a brilliant protective coating that lasts for months.
Perfect for cleaning, polishing and protecting any metal surface - brass, silver, gold, chrome, copper, pewter, nickel, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium and many other hard, non-porous surfaces such as - porcelain, fiberglass, plexiglas, hard plastics and painted surfaces.
Instructions for use:
Place a small amount of Metal Glo on a soft cotton cloth or buffing wheel. Rub the paste with a light to moderate pressure in a circular motion on the surface to be cleaned, then buff to a high luster with a soft dry cloth. Do not allow the paste to dry on the metal surface.
As with all cleaners, user should test on a small hidden area. We assume no responsibility for damage incurred by use of this product.

Price Only $6.95

knife books
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